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Excuse me for my googlenglish and if I do not follow the "doctrines" of the group.

Due of the interest for publications of Piker and mine about games with Kangaroo, i think that would be fun and interesting make a challenge of games between all the community. Look here.

To all of us like games. There are many ways to make it, and isn't something that takes a long time. Essentially only need a good idea.

Therefore, if you want to participate, you will be subject to these rules:

1. You must publish the Grasshopper definition, without cluster with passwords.
2. Can not compete with a file already published.
3. May judge the whole community, but once finished the date of delivery and they must follow these bonuses:

- Playability. More entertaining, better. 

- Originality. Classic, modern or new games adapted to Gh.
- Divergence. Thinking differently, usual components used for other reasons.
- Master. If you learn from its definition, reward it.
- Simplicity. Not necessarily less components, rather a clear logic.

- Smoothness. Should be quick, no need to rent a supercomputer. 

The deadline is November 30. From 1 to December 15, all we can score / value, with 3, 2 ​​and 1 points to the first, second and third respectively. Who has the highest score on 16, wins the challenge.

Good luck! 

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Guys, what's your take on games of chances? It's a decent option to get emotions IMO. Especially, if you need to get them fast. I happened to try free slots and it was quite gripping. You know, check this out. I bet some people will find it interesting.

Have 15 days to present your game with grasshopper! Put your wits to the challenge!

I know this challenge is already over but here is a new game adaptation anyway: Snake.

Just a project to get to know Hoopsnake - I hope you like it :)

That looks very nice Marc!

Would you post the gh file as well so we can give it a try?



Sure, although I have to warn you: It's a pretty terrible hack-job all around and it might even crash GH. On top of that there are bunch of known bugs and performance issues I'm too lazy to fix, as I consider this proof-of-concept to be done. Anyway, you have been warned... ;)


  • Hoopsnake - game logic and rendering
  • Firefly - keyboard controls
  • FabTools (optional) - highscore rendering
  • Boolean Data Recorder - enclosed to this post


  1. Always disable timer when you're not playing (see Bug 1). Reactivate before playing.
  2. Double-click on hoopsnake and then click on "loop". If nothing happens, click on "stop" and "loop" again.
  3. Use the arrow-keys on to navigate to the food (red points).

Known bugs and performance issues:

  1. I'm using Data Recorders to check keyboard inputs and to initiate the characteristic automatic movement. Those recorders are periodically reset when Hoopsnake starts and while it loops but while it's off, all of those four Data Recorders will gradually fill-up (1 False-value every 25ms). I assume this will eventually slow down or crash GH at some point. It never happened to me, though, just make sure to not let run like this overnight ;)

  2. Keyboard-taps are not recognized due to the Data Dam-hack you proposed in the other thread. You have to hold down the desired button for >25ms in order to have it recognized as a button-press.

  3. You can move diagonally (easily fixable).

  4. You can move backwards without hitting yourself as this movement isn't detected as a self-intersection. (can be fixed through temporarily disabling certain key-inputs. eg: when your moving upwards, keyboard "up" and "down" should be disabled.)

  5. Every point of movement is stored which reduce the game's performance the longer you play. (also easily fixable by culling the unneeded points).

  6. Best look/performance: Maximize top-view, activate grid, disable grid axis, zoom-out a bit

Have fun nevertheless and be sure to post your highscore! Mine is 24!

Update: 45! ;)



Hello everyone,

Since this challenge was never closed, I think this is a good place to post another game I created, the 70's classic "Mastermind".

Some notes:

The definition uses only native GH components and 2 custom ones (citations inside definition). There is no need for additional plugins.

The game needs to write 2 text files on your hard drive in order to work. I have chosen C: as the default path. You can locate & delete the files after you are done playing.

The text inside some of the panels might not be fully visible if you have changed the default fonts settings.

More info (+game rules) inside the definition.



ps. any bug reporting or general feedback is more than welcome!


Hey guys thanks a lot,

----------SPECIAL THANKS------------------------------------------
Victor Leung & Remy (RMDeveloppements) for TxtWriter

Very good work !

Thanks again for this great component Remy,

it actually solved the most crucial part of the definition (score keeping & game saving), with which I was fighting for days!

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