algorithmic modeling for Rhino

From the attached (unordered) point cloud, reconstruct this single nurbs surface:

Native GH only, fewest components wins.

Parameters allowed: number 10 and plane YZ.


If it looks too easy, try the second cloud (ghafé2) and generate this surface:


Winner: Andrew

Honorary wacky horse: Danny

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Hmm, I might be pushing the parameters limitation a little bit with these, you be the judge. Attached are 3 attempts.. only one works with the second point set. 


I didn't want overusing of parameters to deal with the problem, so 1 more parameter is ok.

Your definitions are close to mine, which also uses the fact that the shape is convex to sort points.

(convex is a hint).

ahh, that was a big hint. 


Nice, let see if someone manages to get a shorter definition.

Mine is 21 components (including the 3 parameters), working on the second set.

Yours wins for the first set, good using of X to replace branches directly (although you can add a few more components to avoid this nasty shift).

15 components, strict about parameters, works on either point set.


Hehe, clever optimization, the plane rotation gives correctly oriented hulls, so you can use directly the indices of points on the hull.

Here was my solution.


Ah nice, clever to use seam on the convex hull itself. 

Here's my wacky effort


Interesting approach !






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