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I have downloaded the chameleon plugin, It has been installed in grasshopper but when I am installing in revit it's not installing, Please help me. How to install in revit?

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I have the same issue but with Revit 2017

please help

Hii karim
Their is a solution which will work, but as chameleon is for 2012 so we have to do this process for upgraded version of revit like 2013 ,2014 on which this trick will work sure, but i can't say about revit 2017, I hope it will work for revit 2017.

1. Install Chameleon for 2012 following the install instructions.
2. Copy the files in this folder: C:Users*your user name*AppDataRoamingAutodeskRevitAddins2012
3. to this folder: C:Users*your user name*AppDataRoamingAutodeskRevitAddins2013
4. Open Revit

I really don't know how to thank you  aman gupta

It actually worked for revit 2017

thank you so much 

Hi everyone, 

I have install CHAMELEON, works in grasshopper but in REVIT 2019 i can't see the icon in the add on window.

I have run the "Install Chameleon For Revit" batch file, and the streams file. I didn t copy anything because in the manual it only say to run the batch. Any help is highly appreciate! 

Thanks and best regards 







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