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I'm not sure if anyone has come across this before. I have a Rhino file using centimeters units and a Revit file also using centimeters units, but when I use Chameleon to import objects from Revit to Rhino the objects come in 1000 times smaller than they are dimensioned in Revit.

I would appreciate any advice.

Ive recently started to test out various Grasshopper to Revit workflows, so I might be overlooking something obvious.

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Hi Gudjon

Are you sure the Revit project is in mm. Go to Manage > Project Units. Sometime people override the dimension types (to meters) without actually modifying the project units.

On a similar notes, I have seen problems with people working in Rhino in meters and Revit in mm (or vise versa). Before exporting, the geometry is scaled to be compatible. But because of tolerances/precision planar 4 point adaptive panels actually become triangulated as Revit doesn't think it is planar.






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