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hey guys!

i tried to install bumblebee, but when i try to open an examplefile, i recive this errorDo you have any idea what the problem is or where i can find this reference?

im using office 2013,

the newest version of grasshopper and rhino.

please help me!

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i think i have the general problem that excel reference doesnt work (lunchbox...)

i updated to windows 8. could this be the problem?

i found the folder but therer is a different folder in the path:

thats the original folder:


thats my folder:


i tried to change the name into but its still not working


I know this was an old post, but were in the process of completely rebuilding bumblebee and unfortunately have not been keeping up with the forum.

Do any of the components work, or are all of them broken?

I also get the same error message. After I browse to the right file path in the error message, Bumblebee components seem to be working. Are you planning to fix the path location to Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.dll anytime soon? Thank you for making Bumblebee available. It's awesome!






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