algorithmic modeling for Rhino

After a while I finally managed to continue working on the Bowerbird.


- Rhino 6 support

- First version of the BB Pathfinder which allows to find curvature line on surfaces e.g. assymptotic curves

Thanks to Eike Schling and Jonas Schikore

for interesting discussions and support during the implementation of the BB Pathfinder!

Unfortunately I had to remove the Rhino Plugin temporarily. I hope I can integrate it again in a future version.


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thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for! Radial even worked with a non uniform double curved surface. I’m currently inputting a brep but getting a a low quality profile. Would you recommend keeping everything in mesh?

Thanks again!

That's good to hear!

Internally, Bowerbird converts breps into meshes. Geometric operations can be performed much faster and more stable with meshes.
I recommend to mesh the BReps with the corresponding GH node yourself. Then you can adjust the meshing parameters.






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