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Is there away to offset to the inside of a polyline?

Hi Christopher!

Thank you for your post! It seems that there was a bug. Please check out the new release.

You can offset to the inside by using a negative value for the distance.


I've been using the BBText and have an improvement request that I'd like to feed back...

It would be really useful to space the letters according to the size of CNC cutter to be used to engrave them. So for example, if I was to cut the letters in a brass plate with a 1mm cutter then it would be good to adjust the spacing between the letters to accomodate the 0.5mm either side of the letter curves. This spacing would be different if I were to laser cut the letters with a 0.3mm laser cutter diameter and if I were to cut them using a 6mm CNC milling cutter!

Would it be possible to add this spacing as an input to the BBText component? Or is there a quick way of applying spacing to the letters?

Hi Martyn!

The optimal thickness of the engraving tool should be 1/10 of the font height. If you use a 1mm cutter then the optimal size of the font would be 10mm. Otherwise you will get problems with the readability of some letters.

At the moment there is no way to change parameters like letter- or line-spacing. Maybe I will add such a feature in a next version.


BTW: Please create a separate topic for such non-version-specific questions

Thanks Thomas, sorry for posting in the wrong place :(

It would be VERY useful to have the letter spacing parameter!

Example please I got no the preview  and orient sorry for the inconvenient.

Do you mean the preview and orient function of the Rhino commands (since Bowerbird 0.6)?

Just type in the command in the Rhino command prompt and play with the options.

Hi Thomas,

Bowerbird is awsome timesaver, thank you!

Trying bb radial I'm stuck in arranging radial sections. Could you provide just an example file of this new component? i'll be very grateful, thanks in advance!    

2016 Great Bro.






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