algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi John, Thanks a lot for such awesome plugin !!! Great user interactivity and interface which lacked in octopus/Galapagos. It would be helpful if u can add an option for multiple generations and convergence graph. Additionally marking the fittest of each criteria in design and history panel with its respective color code would be great.

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Hi Mihir,

Thanks for your kind words and feedback. I've now integrated multiple generations and will be in the next release, should be very soon!

Convergence graph has been on the cards and working on that one. Good to hear it will be of use though.

In terms of colours for identifying best of a population in the history tree, that's a great idea- thanks! I will definitely implement.

Actually, on the history tree I've been wondering whether to show all 12 cluster centroids or not for artificial selection as well, but not sure... what do you think? Or else for both artificial and performance only show the optimal in the history tree? Anyway, do let me know and thanks again.

Best wishes,


Hi Jhon,

In case of Artificial selection, I think its good idea to show all 12 cluster centroids to compare the individual of the different generation and marking selected one. Even user can reinstate a particular generation and modify their selection to get the preferential outcome.

how to figure out cluster centroids from cluster output(biomorpher component)? maybe the first individual in cluster list can become its centroid(something like sorting).

I like the biomorpherreader component. Is it possible to reinstate particular generation(12 cluster centroids)  by clicking it?

I am using this for my thesis project to derive urban morphology. Would share it with you once I am done.








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