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Hello All,

I've just released a new version of Biomorpher (v0.7.0) with many updates and improvements. Also included is a user manual (also attached here).

Change log:

  • Geometry input takes Curve and Surface geometry as well as meshes.
  • Creation of the ‘Biomorpher Solution’ parameter for internalising data.
  • Complete overhaul of the Reader component now using Biomorpher solutions.
  • Lists of performance values can now be used with repeated names automatically indexed.
  • Main component in ‘galapagos pink!’
  • Incorporated elitism into selection to negate losing ‘best’ designs between generations.
  • Optional elitism mutation.
  • Restart button for a new evolutionary run negating the need to restart Biomorhper.
  • New scatter graph plot for comparing two performance criteria.
  • Performance plot now includes current population data.
  • GUI grey colour to relate to standard Rhino background.
  • Main control area is now on left hand side.
  • K-means display angles are distributed evenly.
  • Fixed min-max bug on performance graph.
  • Minimise and maximise criteria clearly labelled.
  • Performance display above design now based on radius rather than opacity.
  • Evolutionary history justified correctly.
  • Scrollbars now visible on history canvas.
  • Donate button in case you wish to say hello and buy me a coffee :)

Thanks and please take care during these times,


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Thanks for this amazing plugin!I think the grey color sometimes not good than the white background, so I hope it can change this color by ourselves maybe better.

I am a big fan of your work! However with the update, I am getting an SDK not matching problem both on Rhino6 gh and my old GH in Rhino5. Any recommendations? 








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