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Following the AEC hackathon a revised version of the Aviary Toolkit has been uploaded to Food4Rhino. This includes Bitmap Vector Tracing, several additions / fixes for the vector drawing workflow, and general ongoing development and fixes to the libraries.

Thanks to Leland Jobson for the implementation of Potrace, and to Hanshen Sun for implementing serialization of inputs on several of the components.

More to come.

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Hi! I try to make UI , but I don't undenstand how to change data in components, when the window is launching

As per the post below, I've added some initial sample files on food4rhino which hopefully help unlock the workflows. Give these a shot, and let me know of any specific issues that come up.

Yes indeed, the button did have a bug, listener was commented out.

Thank you for the catch!

The latest download from food4rhino version 1.00.07 should fix this.

There are also other changes that are included as part of the in progress development. See Reply below.

Thanks! I will test when possible and send gif if I find bug

Version (1.00.06) Uploaded to Food for Rhino.

An incremental update to the current WIP download + Preliminary Samples

Preparing a series of sample files per Marc Syp's suggestion (more coming soon). In doing so, have been using this as a chance to work towards finalizing the WPF controls, Controls, Display, and Layout categories. Though this is still under development, with several stability improvements to come shortly, all the components functionality should be working.

Also, the geometry conversions and scaling issues for the drawing pipeline are now resolved, so this workflow should now be far more stable. The Vector drawing pipeline will be the focus of the next round of revisions. 

The next update will come with example files for typical wpf dashboard and vector drawing workflows.

As these are all pre releases, please know that many older files will be broken when updating to the new version. 

Version (1.00.07) Uploaded to Food for Rhino.

A quick bug fix to the current WIP download + Updated Samples

  • Component Categories restructured
  • Return Component (Event Listener) updated for Button.
  • Return Component activated for Color Canvas.
  • Return Component activated for Color Canvas.
  • Stroke Patterns are now active for Drawing Shapes
  • Sample files updated for new Stroke Component
  • Various internal updated and additional serializations added

As these are all pre releases, please know that many older files will be broken when updating to the new version. 

Version (1.00.08) Uploaded to Food for Rhino.

Bug Fixes, Updates

  • Preliminary SVG workflow available
  • Conflicts with Human UI dependencies resolved
  • Various updates to vector workflows, additional graphics controls added.

As these are all pre releases, please know that many older files will be broken when updating to the new version. 


A note on using the upcoming release of the SVG writer for Aviary and Illustrator.

Illustrator has two quirks when it comes to recognizing svg files. Simple work arounds below.

SVG Groups to Illustrator Layers

Even though Illustrator will write Layers as groups when saving an svg. it does not recognize groups as layers when opening a file. To convert groups into layers, outside scripts can be used such as the one linked to above. Groups / Layers can then be assigned in Aviary and used in Illustrator.

Compound Paths & Curve Booleaning in Illustrator

When you use a compound path which can be created with either the Mesh Shapes or Brep Shapes components, the curve booleaning order will be correct in browsers and many viewers, but may appear incorrectly in Illustrator. This is because Illustrators default setting is to have the svg fill rule for compound curves set to the Non-Zero rule. However Aviary uses the more reliable and controllable rule for this scenario, Even-Odd. This is very simple to change in Illustrator under the object attributes. See above article.

The Bitmap Fill component is not yet active.

This will be coming in 2 releases from now.






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