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Wish: Can Jackalope be included on the Transform Tab Please

Hi Dale,

Great plug-in!

As I have a number of Plug-ins to GH by choice and some because of providing help to others I am running out of space.

The Ribbon Layout Editor doesn't work that well especially between updates so I don't think its a viable option for the user to implement it.

If Jackalope grows and starts taking up too much space on the Transform tab then it can graduate to it's own. The Curve Tab wins hands down as the largest and Transform is only half it's size, so I think there is plenty of nestle room for Jackalope to reside there.

Many thanks,


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Hi Danny,

I'll move the Jackalope tools to the Transform ribbon the next time I rebuild and repost the plug-in.

Thanks for the suggestion.

-- Dale

Excellent! thank you

The best would be to integrate the tools natively in grasshopper.

It's so useful

I'm sure they will in the future. Until then, a plug-in provides a great way of getting some field testing.






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