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why the "percentage of surface area" option is removed from the Generator PV component

May I ask why the "percentage of surface area" option, i.e., "_SASolarCell" is removed from the latest Generator PV component?

The red component shown below is the old PV component.


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I am also curious why it was removed and how the value is now calculated as it seems the read me still outputs the surface area percentage as changing with the efficiency... Trying to learn pv analysis by following these tutorials...

thanks -E

Hi Ethan,

My apologies I didn't update the tutorials to include this change, in your opinion do you think that I need to?

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you both I re-wrote the code so that the % of area that the cells cover of HB surface that the cells are mounted on is automatically calculated for the simple mode according to the equation:

% surface covered by solarcells = (powerout*parallel*series)/(irradiance*surface area*cellefficency)


1. Irradiance is 1000 W/m2 as this the irradiance that panels are rated under

2. Surface area: Is the surface area of the HBsurface

For the Sandia mode the area is automatically taken from the input panel.

Warnings will be thrown if the calculated area that the cells cover is greater than 85% of the HBsurface

I thought this would be cleaner than having to manually input the area, let me know if you are still confused or have any questions






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