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Hello David and everyBody.

I didn't use GH for many month (version 0.7.0057) and updated to 0.8.0007.

I wonder where are gone "dataReciever", "vectorAdd" ... components, still present in version 0.7.0057 ?
The components are still "alive" (copy/paste from other defs) but not anymore available in the UI ! Dammed !

As a messy, math dummie, I had a real intensive use of them, David !

Please, be a cool dude, and plan to give them back to me !

Best regards, Stan.

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DataReceiver is gone since every parameter can now control the wire-display individually.

VectorAdd (and Complex Add and Colour Add) now uses the normal Add component. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division etc. etc. now work on as many data types as makes sense, and sometimes mixed data-types. You can for example multiply a vector by a number.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia

Dear David.


Thanks for the answer.

About the DataReceiver : it was so useful and productive to physically distribute "WhateverYouNeed" over multiple process locations, with a single name, same visibility attributes...with a simple copy/paste !

EX : NumberSlider value,  vector dir, a refPoint ...

Best regards, Stan.

You can still do this. But instead of being restricted to passing you're data into a dedicated component, every component can have Wireless dispatches/receivers.

The first Example changes the output name and the second example uses a Number Param (with the Draw Icon setting overridden) as a placeholder for the Transmitted Wire

Hello Danny Boyes.


Thanks for the answer.


My practice looks more like :

pt and slider arbitrary chosen...

where I can easily (remotely) switch between different options of a same data kind at it's root, and then mess it everywhere around without the care of loosing my mind...

I am aware this is a rather anecdotic subject, only relative to my own methodology...


I am just sorry to need to copy and paste Recievers from a template file (as long as David maintains the object...) , instead of creating an instance "with a double click and a hit" !


Best regards, Stan.

You can still do this because every component can have Wireless receivers.

As you need to use a "plain" component instead of an "alias", dont you increase memory use ?
As far as I know they are just pointers to the same memory location. GH only creates a new Geometry when it has to change it.

Yup, if you plug one point-parameter into another, there is a tiny amount of overhead, but the point data is shared. If you plug a Point parameter into a Plane parameter, new planes are created.


The old Receiver object was nothing more than a Generic Data parameter (which still exists) with an overridden display.


You can get better performance if you use a parameter of the right type (assuming all the data that flows through a wire is of the same type) than with the old Receiver.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Big thanks David






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