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Sometimes it happens that the VB-script component freezes. I can make changes in the code, but then it's impossible to click ok and apply the changes. The window needs to be closed without applying the changes and basically rhino and GH needs to be restarted to get the usual behaviour back. It happens quite randomly and a couple of times already.


Does anyone have an idea why this could be, or anyone with the same experience. I couldn't see a pattern yet of why and when it would happen.


Any help would be muchly appreciated!





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I heard it once before (from another Dutch user, maybe it's a sea-level thing). Not sure yet what could be causing it. There are a lot of changes to the script component code in the next version so I suggest we wait until the next release and then try to debug it if it still happens.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Haha! I hope the language is not the problem... I'll try to keep an eye on that!

Thanks for the reply, let's see what the new version brings us then! Exciting news!




It has happened to me also and I'm in the highest capital in Europe (well, not technically but almost).

Apparently that was my 1000 post. What a lousy, useless comment, and also good representative of my posting history here.

Hi there, I am experiencing the same problem (and am also Dutch). Can anyone help out? Thnx






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