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I am trying to visualise the zone cooling loads for a structure, 5 floors at a time (since for some reason, Rhino would crash if i create additional floors and assign windows).

Anyways, the Colour Zones by EP result component would not output anything once i connect cooling load from the read EP result component

I have attached my GH file.

P.S: you need to toggle True for many components. Also, materials assigned need to be updated every time the file is opened the file by double-clicking on the corresponding text boxes to the material creating components (again, not sure why, but i think that's unimportant)


Here is a screenshot of outputs from Write EPW and Write OSM files (with same inputs). As you can see the output from the two components vary. the OSM component seems to only give out the last result in the case of Cooling loads. 

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Hello Nishant,

You assigned detailed HVAC system to OpenStudio.

Then, From HB Read EP Result component outputs tool-tip:

Cooling: The cooling energy needed in kWh. For Ideal Air loads, this output is the sum of sensible and latent heat that must be removed from each zone.For detailed HVAC systems (other than ideal air), this output will be electric energy needed to power each chiller/cooling coil.

Heating: The heating energy needed in kWh. For Ideal Air loads, this is the heat that must be added to each zone. For detailed HVAC systems (other than ideal air), this will be fuel energy or electric energy needed for each boiler/heating element.


Agreed. but any idea why I am not able to visualise the data?


I tried running you model. It crashed my Rhino eventually, but I could read the error message. Your model has non-convex surfaces. They'll have to be split into parts.

Hey devang, thanks as always. But the convex geometry that the error message is talking about is the context geometry. I have tried disconnecting it and running the simulation again, solving the convex geometry error. But there was no change in the read EP result and Color Zones component output.
I will add that the error is shown in both, the EP and OSM components yet only the EP component gives a desirable output.

As for the crash, my bet is on the number of floors (5) which are defined at the very beginning (my PC can barely handle them despite the high config.).

Hi Nishant and Devang,

Didn't look at the example but if i understood the IDF was created and the crash happens when the simulation runs. I suggest to upload the idf file and/or running it manually. Then look at the ERR file from the simulation to see what is the complain.


Thanks Abraham for joining the discussion. I think the answer lies in the image Nishant shared. Due to some reason, the output from Export to OpenStudio component does not have correct number of branches. The zoneData input on Honeybee_Color Zones By EP results has TreeAccess. If you could find why this branching is not right, that would solve the problem I believe.

Ok . So if you remove the context surfaces then the non-Convex error should go away. The other problem that I see from your attached image is that the cooling output from read Ep result is not a tree for Export to Open Studio component. That's the reason why you're not able to visualize the results. You'll need to make it output 45 branches like you have from EnergyPlus Component. I am myself wondering why this did not happen automatically.


There something very important to note here. The HVAC system that you're applying is Chilled Beams + DOAS. This is a central system so electricity is consumed at the chiller plant level and therefore, you're not receiving zonewise cooling energy. I believe that's the real reason why you're not able to visualize results for zones.

hi Devang and Abraham,

Thank you for your replies (and sorry for the late reply). I shall try out the suggestions and follow up soon. Been busy lately and haven't been able to look into the problem.






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