algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all,

Thought I would make available a small definition that helps generate level pathways

 in a topography Mesh. It uses pathway center lines to generate a pathway surface and manipulate a mesh accordingly.

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This is awesome..really : any path can carve the geometry in a fluid way

Thanks! Glad it was helpful.

Great, looks so cool and complex. Very nice work!

Thank you this is brilliant!


Nice definition, 

I've added it in Bricks collection of element for architecture, design and urbanism.!/bricks?p=1&page=1&cc=1&count=35&showcase=1

Feel free to create an account to post your other elements and share with the community.


Architect, founder of Bricks

Thanks for sharing... This is really effective, helpful and amazing!

Hi Eric,

I found you definition with projected road onto existing mesh. It is very helpful.

Are you available to chat, I would like to ask some question hoe it works?

I was thinking to modify it a bit o be able to add some extra land fill to provide more space for future building plot.

Thank you ,

Hi Roman, I’m more than happy to help answer any questions you have. I am out of town and not near a computer until Monday but can try my best to remember the specifics of how it is working :)

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your help. So I have started to deconstruct your file just to understand how it works. It works very good with one curve on a simple terrain. But I have a mountain.

1. Do you have an idea how to straiten all the roads relative to z direction? As you can see from screenshot round about is basically follows geometry of the mountain slope. So there is gong to be extra terrain on one side of the road an cut on another.

2. Another thing I need to find a way how to use multiple curves and created clean intersections between two roads or road and round about? Maybe it easier to use road full online and not just a centreline ?

3. I also facing a problem how to project road to mesh. If I have stairs segment and curve (corner radius 6m) grasshopper will reconstruct the curve which is not the same any more )

I have attached my your grasshopper file with some edits plus my rhino file with the mesh.









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