algorithmic modeling for Rhino

We are working to combine the discussions about Rhino/Grasshopper and our development tools into one platform. 

This forum will be closed to any posts as of 11/22/2017.  The new forum is located at:

Please start to post your questions there now.  We hope the new forum engine will make it easier to get your questions answered.

This old forum will be kept around for reference only after 11-22.

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Sad, but mostly glad I would say.

NING has a lot of limitations, so it was just about time to bounce. It's a good thing that the forum will remain open for reference, such a big volume of shared knowledge here.

Discourse works quite well. I really hope that at some point,  functionality similar to Stack Overflow will be embedded.

What I always find useful in SO, is the fact that you'll find the best answer always on the top of the thread. In this forum, there is so much information, but it gets lost in translation between all the replies and many times pointless monologues of "them who we do not speak about". I think that discourse can benefit greatly from similar outlines (duplicate questions, marking, yada yada).

As for the Groups, my opinion is that we need to distinguish in between third-party add-on Groups and Generic groups /classes/ courses etc. I always thought that all support for add-ons should have been handled in Food4Rhino, which has a great version control but quite poor discussion, Q&A capabilities. So you either just move everything that has to do with third parties to F4R or remove all discussion functionality from F4R and we introduce separate groups in Discourse in the same way that we have in this forum.The later might be better and definitely less troublesome.

In any case, exciting times ahead. :)

Ironically I just lost a somewhat lengthy post (seriously, Ning is just massively shitty!) with some observations/suggestions on how we might approach organising groups (using the hierarchical categories/streams feature) over on Discourse. Anywho, really glad to see this move finally happen. Despite sharing similar concerns as expressed by everyone else here (galleries being the primary issue, having a gallery category/stream with thumbnails might be one approach here).

I agree McNeel forum is not visual. And the gallery is actually not a gallery, because it is just threads with pictures.

On one hand it is a forum with different and broad topics like rhino questions, rhino plugin development, grasshopper, but personally it is too broad for me. 

I like this one despite restrictions of NING.

...too broad...

That's where hierarchical categories comes in: only bookmark the Grasshopper category, or even only a sub-category, to YOUR personal liking. All while still being able to search across/engage with parent categories. Getting those categories and their nested structure right, might admittedly be tricky, BUT, that's the kinda stuff Discourse seems to do very well (scaling, changing structure, adding/editing features etc.).

Also, listen to David over in the OTHER active moving thread ;)

I have to agree that it's a happy and sad news; here things are a bit more visual which adds to the fun factor...




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