algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Is it possible to work with custom profiles ? 

I want to draw or import a custom profile by my need. 

It's just an example below of many different profiles

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There is some work in progress development where I am overhauling this.  It is already possible to save your profile library in IFC format.  I'm also working on some new structural objects for drawing (and editing) in rhino.

This old blog post should still work if you don't want to use IFC (which can be generated in Grasshopper, I can help with how).  Refer here

Let me know if it doesn't help.



At this moment I don't want to use IFC. Solid or surface will work for me.
I did not find UserProfiles folder and still don't know how to import new profile :/

If I press "User Profile Folder" it sends me to C:\Users\PC Name\Documents






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