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since Karamba is a finite element software, can we analyze cables means tensions with this software?

I want to extract structural analysis for a Strut-cable structure, is it possible with Karamba?

 The sample picture is provided.

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It is highly appreciated if some body help me! 

Karamba doesn't have explicit cable or membrane finite elements. There are some ways to "hack" them, so to say, like using a truss finite element with a very small diameter, to make it "cable-like". This should be used with Large Deformation or Non Linear WIP Analysis components, as cable analysis is a non-linear problem.

Specifically for cables, I would recommend you try using Kiwi3D (its free!) . You can define cables there, and also set the amount of prestress in them. They also have solved examples which would help you. 
good luck! : )  






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