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Hey all,

I have been playing around with Kangaroo for rigid origami system. (Such a great and useful plugin I must add).

After defining the system, I ran across a few problems that I can not solve. It seems to be a simple problem but yet can be complicated I think. So I was hoping if anyone have any suggestion in solving these problems. 

You can check out the Rhino and Grasshopper definition that I made using Kangaroo on these links:

The first problem is when activates, some of these mesh are folding(crashing) onto each other. Is there a solution to prevent the mesh from colliding to each other like so? 

Using springs, length can be changed by moving the slider from 1 to any desired number. The second problem is when the system is activated, I can change the length by sliding the slider from 1 to 4,5,6 or 10. When I slide the slider back to 1, the geometry does not go back to its original state. Is there a solution where the geometry can be more consistent and able to go back to its original state when the slider is moved back to 1?

Thanks guys!

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It is very interesting your definition with Kangaroo, I tried a different way to make rigid origami (, without Kangaroo, but now I'm going to work on your definition and i'll say you!

Hi Seb,


Nice definition.

Here's an example of using the Hinge force for folding a similar pattern.

This allows you to set a particular rest angle between any pair of faces.

Hope this helps



Hi Daniel,

could you attach a file for Rhino 4.0? I haven't still updated the latest version to not loose older files.

Thank you :)

Hello Daniel.

How did you model the mesh in rhino?


Thanks guys! I will also check out the new grasshopper.



Hi Daniel,


I tried your example using the hinge force. At some point, the mesh still folds and crashes unto itself. Is there a quick solution to prevent the mesh from doing this?




i have question
 how can i add origami pattern on surface?






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