algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Rhino crushes when I try to open gh file. It happens sometimes and I don't know why :^(

Here is a dump file...

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Hi Mkr,

unfortunately I can't do anything with the dmp files, they're for C++ developers only. The only bit of useful information for me is the .NET call stack text file which is saved to the desktop during a crash report. However this text file is deleted again as soon as the 'McNeel Error Reporting' window is closed, so you have to copy it before closing that window.

I can't get your file to crash, however the very first curve parameter contains a null curve. Is that supposed to be the case?

"the very first curve parameter contains a null curve. Is that supposed to be the case?"

There should be 3 normal curves. Can you clear the values of that node and send me that file back?






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