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Dear All Friends,

I have some customer using Revit for concrete modeing, but them can not make rebar model and shopdrawing by Revit. I see Rhino can input model revit through IFC file or some extensions then output to Tekla through Tekla extension for Grasshopper.

- Below the my workflow but it not best

1. Revit export to IFC-->Tekla import by Convert ifc in Tekla.

2.Revit export IFC --> Rhino (grasshopper) using Tekla components --> Output to Tekla

The reason I using Rhino because Rhino read model IFC from revit is good and can manage the object by layer, and some brep objects smoother Tekla. And output to Tekla by geometry object. But weak-point is not manage the change of the model from Revit.

Anyone have expereince and ideal for workflow or new workflow, please add your opinion at here.

Thanks All

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If you can post (or privately send) some sample models it really helps with how to convert.  Ideally this might be the revit files.  I don't need entire models, say a couple of representative levels.

1.  The Convert ifc routine in Tekla is relatively much slower to the IFC import routines I have developed.  

2.  I'd be avoiding the need to decompose the model and rebuild as much as possible.  My tools should permit this.

My tools are developed on demand, so it's very possible they might need some specific improvements to help with your models.

I look forward to discussing further and hearing any other comments and suggestions.








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