algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This point distribution doesn't look very random to me:

Admittedly those seed values form a pattern, but if we have to make an effort to be random ourselves when coming up with the seeds I think it slightly defeats the object of a random number generator.

I understand the value of having them not based on the system timer so the same file gives the same result whenever you open it, but couldn't we have a way to randomize all seeds in a document ?

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For my part, when developing octopus I used the Mersenne Twister Fast which is a high-quality random number generator. 

The Mersenne twister is the default random number generator for Python[7] [8] Ruby[9] R[10] PHP ,[11] MATLAB [12]

Maybe it can find it's way into GH somehow..

when using the default GH random number generator i mostly use much higher seed values.






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