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Hi guys,

so i played a bit with the kangaroo 2 command to get my non planar hexa mesh to planar ones. I have read other threads with nearly the same content. And i saw ideas that i have to put more goals in kangaroo. But the only goal that is possible with my definition is CoPlanar and the result is very ugly.

Why I cant get the lenght goal with in kangaroo so the shape of each hexa would be more handsome. Or is the Planarize goal the better one, btw this goal dont even fit in kangaroo 2, why?

Can someone have a look and give me an advise please?



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You cannot mix Kangaroo1 forces and Kangaroo2 goals. They use entirely different solvers (BTW you should update your Kangaroo2). Depending on how you define handsome, your problem is likely under-defined (i.e. should all the cells exclusively be convex polygons etc?). You can add additional goals (angle and length goals seem appropriate) to achieve this by trying to maintain the shape of the initial cells (see attached example). However, this makes it very difficult to fit the planar cells on your original surfaces. As I recall there are a few examples on the board which deal with fitting planar polygon cells onto arbitrary surfaces by using "butterfly" cells to deal with changing curvatures.

File didn't upload, there you go.


Ah, thanks a lot, now i can play aroung with the commands.

But there is one little thing left. If i change the UV slider for mapping the cells on the surface, Kangaroo said there is a mistake and when i undo the slider it will run, but with no other numbers of cells on the surface, why?






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