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In response to an off-list question, here is another version of the point distribution example, with an addition to display circles oriented to the surface

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He Daniel,

I have a question that I was wondering if you knew the answer to.


In your grasshopper file the circles still have a small overlap.

Is there a way to remove this?


In are project we want to pack a surface with cones, the model will in the end be build so know overlap can occur.


Thank you very much.



Hi Thijs,

You could reduce this overlap by making the springs extremely stiff.

To avoid making it explode you will also have to reduce the timestep.

You could find the approximate solution with the default timestep / spring stiffness, then lower the timestep and crank the stiffness way up to get the accurate version for fabrication.

Provided a solution does actually exist, you should be able to make the overlap well below any tolerance needed for fabrication.

Hi Daniel.

I'm having the same problem as Thijs, even with a stiffness of 10,000. Do i go even higher?

Hi Demiurgos,

It looks like you have more circles than it is possible to fit on your surface with that radius, so increasing the stiffness is not going to help much. I'd suggest reducing either the number or size of the circles. For now this adjustment would have to be done iteratively outside of Kangaroo, either manually or using something like HoopSnake.

For the next version I'll look into adding something that could do this adjustment inside Kangaroo. Also with the new Kangaroo API it should be possible for people to make their own scripts for this kind of thing, making use of the physics engine, but with their own custom iteration rules.

Hi Daniel, 
I'm trying to do a similar thing with the constrain mesh component so I can create a distorted mesh over one created from the 'deformedDrape' example. However, whatever geometry I put in causes the kangaroo component to error. I tried using a smaller/less complex mesh but I don't think that's the problem... 


Hi Daniel,

Im a very new user at GH and I would like to know, is there a way to set random sizes of circles on that surface? let´s say 4 different circle sizes organized in a random way?



I'm trying to apply this to a surface of my own. I'd love to look at the script that you have done, however, I have a strange problem with your file. It says I don't have kangaroo physics installed (which I do). Has anyone else had this problem? 







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