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I am wondering if there will be an update on the geometry feed of the component. 

I am working with a quiet complex definition where I generate the toolpath (pointcloud) for 3d printing. I have used biomorpher to test only one parameter. I like the way the mesh visualisation works as alternatives and I am wondering if in the future there will be a way to do it with point clouds or curves? 



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Sorry it's taken a while to reply. Been a busy couple of months.

The short answer is "not yet"!

At one point I thought it wouldn't be worth it, seen as the user could use a low resolution mesh sphere / mesh pipe to their own required resolution (if that makes sense), however for the application you describe the allowance for gh calculation time might be inhibitive.

I'll look into it again now - I know that the helix toolkit has some display methods for curves which I got working at some point albeit they were pretty slow. Will let you know soon. Just been fixing things for Rhino 6 today.


Hi John, 

Thanks for the reply. 

I agree in most of the cases it is not worth but however I am trying to develop a way to work with direct fabrication design via calculating things like the length of the polyline, some other functions are involved. I guess this would require a loop in the definition. 

The Rhino6 has a super nice pipe display but that works much faster than isomesh, etc.. 

Looking forward to your update, good luck, 







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