algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I've noticed that the component for offsetting a curve on a surface seems to just use the Rhino command line, which makes it rather slow, and interferes with using it in a definition where the distance needs to be adjusted interactively, such as here.

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Hi David,

Any ideas on how to improve the performance of the Offset Curve on Surface component?  I am using this extensively for a project and for say performing 65 offsets it takes around 14 seconds which prohibits any interactive playing with the form.

I'm wondering if a) the tolerance of the component could be relaxed greatly in circumstances like this to enable closer to real-time calculation, and b) if this could be internalized to GH so as not to use the Rhino command line.



im still searching a component that does "offset curve on surface" ... any solutions since 2013?


there is a component in grasshopper which does it. As they said, its rather slow, but thats because offsetting a curve on a surface is rather a complicated algorithmn.

Curve->Util->Offset on Srf

What do you want to do?






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