algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This example shows the use of the new user object for origami simulation.

As input you provide a flat mesh of the folding pattern, curves to assign as either mountain or valley folds, target angles, and folding amount, with 0 being flat and 1 being completely folded.

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HI Daniela and all,

Would you mind point me to some resources in terms of how to set different angles and string strength in the ghuser object you provided? I wanted to simulate a surface so it looks more like the way it behaves in a physical model. Please see the attached gh file and a picture of a physical model. Thank you very much for your time!


how do u create this single mesh with this pattern? :(  please help me...


I have the exactly same question. someone could help?  thanks in advance!

Hi this is a real great origami exampl, and I'm wondering if it can simulate conditions where one of the valley/mountain is actually a open cut? Since the hole in rhino would be a line with no thickness if I join the mesh the open cut will be discarded, is there a way this definition can address that?

Something like this:

Hi guys, any idea how to keep the folded result from flying around, as an example in this simple origami i made i tried to put 2 anchor points but it keeps rotating, is there any way to constraint the force to keep the surface on place? thanks

HI guys, 

can anyone give me the definition of this pic? I need to do the same.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the hard work. I am currently working on a project with a sort of large-scale cocoon made out of an origami pattern.

However by choosing a rigid origami crease pattern and setting the stiffness of the springs along the creases in the origami cluster to a higher value, I still don't get exact same dimensions of individual elements between the unfolded state and the folded state.

I understand that it surely is "as exact as possible" but shouldn't it be exact if I choose a rigid origami creasepattern ?

Thanks in advance

How can i vary the folding degrees according to a certain attractor point the moves around the surfaces 

Hi Daniel,

when opening your file the error shown below occurs. And I also do not have the time control although I double clicked on the kangaroo icon as described in a previous post. 

Thanks already for your response!

Which versions do you have installed?

Rhino 5

Grasshopper 09750

and I tried Kangaroo 201 as well as 0085

Ah, that's why - install 0.099 and this should work.

(Keeping 2.01 - you can have them installed side-by-side)





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