algorithmic modeling for Rhino


Big things have happened to Modelo since the last time we posted. First of all, we got funded, so we now have the money to hire more engineers to build our community. Second, we are shifting the focus of the product to be a well-rounded design collaboration and project management system (it sounds corporate, but don’t worry - it will be still easy to use and lots of fun to play with). With our new launch this fall, we’ll be able to support multiple 3D formats, including native Rhino and SketchUp formats, obj, stl, and dae. We’ve also developed a plugin for Revit, with which you can export your designs into an upload-ready format. As for those of you who have already hosted designs on Modelo, we will help you transfer all of your work to our new platform later this year.

The new product will focus on helping designers like us to improve our design productivity and reduce our communication cost. With this in mind, we are also going to build a broader 3D design community open to architects, industrial designers, and anyone who uses 3D modeling software for production.


Sign up on our brand new landing page at and we’ll keep you updated on the news. For all of our followers in this forum: we’re making sure that you receive early invites!


Thanks again for all your help and feedback. Together, we can design better.




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