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Hi all, i am building an energy model using honeybee and i have this issues:

1. I try to paste 8760 values in a multi-line panel, but the panel can't fit all of them, only a part of them is pasted. Moreover, i enter the panel to "manually" write the rest of the values, but it doesn't allow for any extra lines, it looks like it is full. I tried different values, and it seems it can paste all 8760 values only if they are one-digit numbers. Anyone know why? P.S. they are pasted from excel.

2. The "Create CSV Schedules" doesn't function or i am doing something wrong. I want to have a list of 8760 values, that correspond to whether the heating system is on or not for every hour of the year. So i have a multi-line panel of values of either 1 or 0. I connect that multi-line panel to the "values" input of the "Create CSV Schedules" component as shown in the snapshot, but it seems that the values (1 or 0) are considered as Temperature values, because the annual heating output in kWh is too low. That happens even though the default unit is "dimensionless''. Did i do something wrong?

3. I am inputting a setpoint temperature in "Set EP Thresholds" component, and from the results i get, i am guessing it is a setpoint temperature according to the room air temperature. I would like to have that setpoint according to the operative temperature, so when i set it to 21, that means that the heating turns on when the operative temperature drops below 21, is this possible?

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There are a number of discussions on Ladybug forum that answers 1 and 2.

Back to number 3 your assumption is right. I need to see if this is possible in EnergyPlus to use operative temperature for threshold. It's not implemented in Honeybee but if it's possible in EnergyPlus we can implement it in Honeybee.

Please send your follow up questions to Ladybug group discussions (



just so you know, i am guessing that the operative temperature threshold could be implemented, since it is already an option in Designbuilder, which is an interface for EnergyPlus. It is a "better" threshold, since it accounts for the energy needed to achieve thermal comfort.

thank you!


I am currently having the same problem, i would prefer to use operative temperatures instead of the implemented air temperature. But i couldn't find a solution. How can solve this problem?

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Hi Safiye,

this is an old post,

I suggest you ask this question in the Ladybug Forum:

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