algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I am trying to obtain a metaballs line around a set of points:

The points that are highlighted in the picture below around a green circle have a higher charge than others:

Currently this is what I have:

Is there anyone that would be able to help me to parametrically recreate the white line shown in the first pictures?


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can you post a rh4.0 file?

This is the Rhino 4.0 file


The initial picture is a metaball that uses lines as inputs as well as points. The Grasshopper metaball component does not allow for that. I'm afraid I have no solution for you other than creating a boatload of very low weighted points along the lines which will drastically slow down your file.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Back in the olden days before grasshopper had built in metaball components I used to make my own.

You can create a mesh height-field for the distance based potential then take sections.

It's easy enough to adapt this with a distance function from lines as well as points


good one!

something i did not understand.

can someone help me a little further.



Not sure why it isn't working, except perhaps if you set a different domain for your range, or have a very different size of input curves.

Did you actually download the file above or recreate it from the image ?

(I sometimes set values inside the inputs if I'm being lazy, instead of extracting the parameters or making a panel, but I realize this makes it not obvious just by looking where non-default inputs are being used)

anyway, here's the def with all input geometry internalized


hi daniel,

i have not changed the gh definition.
maybe the problem lies in the input curves?


Hi Rassul,

Input the "1" into the "A" plug of the "Division" component.

thanks djordie!

Thank you for the input! very interesting approach!






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