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Matrix addition/subtraction component in math tab returns error

"1. Only similar types of data can be added together" allthough both are matrices and both have the same dimensions?! (for example two unit matrices from the order of 3x3 dimension - double checked them with the component of "view matrix")) does anybody know why?

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Great work David! can't wait to try it out. I am hoping to develop an exposed matrix transformation process.



In GH2 data conversion is not a binary success/failure operation any more, conversions fall on a sliding scale from 'direct', via 'straightforward', to 'reasonable', stopping briefly at 'exotic' eventually to end up in 'farfetched'.

Thats like... 5 different component colors (+white). You better get some nice, colorblind-friendly charts ;)

I'm not sure how much I fetishize the "traditional" and ".NET" syntax over user-friendliness. On one hand, some of those ideas seem like a blasphemy, on the other hand... that's what was the GH about, right ? 

Furthermore the user will be able to specify what level triggers warnings, so that expert users can use weird conversions without getting confronted with visual clutter whilst teachers can insist on a low threshold.

Sounds cool, a bit like Option Strict. Can we have a "hardcore" mode which simply disables all the castings and requires the user to cast explicitly ?






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