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I am constantly losing internalised geometry data. Am I doing something wrong or is this feature still not to be trusted - in that case what is the plans for it. I believe it is a great thing, but it needs more stability.


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i have a similar problem when internalising polycurves. if a polycurve consists of more than one arc, it cannot be internalised.

Attached you will find a small definition with two polycurves. if you internalise them and copy then to a new definition, the one with the arcs is gone.

(version 0.9.0075)


It seems this bug is fixed now. It'll require a Rhino5 service release.

Hi, I have rhino 5sr9 and GH 0.9.0076 and I have a lot of problem when I try to internalise some complex polysrf.

If I close the file and I open again the brep is null.

I tried to do some experiments and I'd like to share with you.

See attached file Test, Test2, Test 3

I have 3 polysrf, diveded by BASE, TOP, SPHERE

In the File "Test" you see that TOP and SPHERE get Null Brep.
So I Exploded (in Rhino) all the polysrf into srf and put into a Srf components. In this way I see which srf get wrong result and at least I don't see just a part of the total (better than before).
I also realised that if I reparametrise the srf I loose less srf.

So In the File Test2 I used Debrep-reparametrise-Join Brep and it was ok at the beginning (after some open/close/open) the result was still the same: null Brep on TOP and SPHERE component

The error is immediate if you do a cluster of if you copy and paste the definition in another fle (Test3).

Any idea for the bug? note that there are no bad srf in rhino source objects.



Hello everyone.

Just got this problem on grasshopper .0076

Happens every time I remove the Rhino geometry (starting new Rhino file).

And this is with the Rhino geometry:

After I start a new file, gh seems to be fine, but as soon as I edit something (flatten one of the outputs), points disappear and won't reappear.







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