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Hello everyone,

I have a problem lofting 3 rectangles across a curve without any twist.

In Rhino, it’s pretty easy to do, but in GH they get twisted somehow.

Could someone help me?

Thanks a lot 

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This is not a bug (unless you consider EBKAC to be) as the issue is caused by the rotation of the middle element. You need to adjust the seam of the curves to align. Sometimes this can be handled by Grasshopper in the right click context menu of the Options input of Loft, but I prefer not to rely on GH for this.

Instead of Rotating the curve and therefore the seam. I have shifted the x and y dimensions of your rectangles before creating them. Therefore they stay on the same orientation. See Image:

The Repeat Data component is present to allow you to increase the number of PFrames without the definition falling over. Essentially it is just a 0,1,0 pattern i.e. don't shift, shift, don't shift.  

The List Item component is newer than the ones that opened with your definition as it has the ZUI enabled additional outputs. But it is simply outputting 0 and 1 from the list. You could also use Split List = 1 for instance to get the same result.

Thank you for the answer Danny,


I followed your instructions but I can’t rotate the middle rectangle & the Loft gives me an error.

In the second element of the shifted list I should get

0: 0.45 to -0.45

1: 0.9 to -0.9

But I only get the first set of values


Could you have a look on my definition, or give me some instructions about it? 


Because you are using an old version of GH some of the defaults are different. Set (W)Shift = True so that the list wraps around to the beginning.

Thank you very much, it works fine now 






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