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I am using layouts to print "screenshots" set up in Grasshopper to PDF, however I very often get this miniture scaled window of some of the geometry when I print the PDF.

It doesn't appear in the actual layout.

Either I am having a Grasshopper/Rhino Ghost, I am missing something very simple or there is a bug in the "print pdf GH" 

Any experiences or ideas?

Cheers Rasmus

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Hi Rasmus

Did you manage to sort this problem out?

I can't find the "viewport filter" and it seems that I'm struggling with the exact same issue.

Can anyone , please take a look at this and tell me what is wrong with it?


turn off all the preview in your GH document, and anything you do want to show, pass it through a "Custom Preview" component. When you right-click the component you will have the option to type in a "viewport filter" which will limit the display to viewports where the name matches. 

Thanks for the quick reply Andrew

Although I still have the same problem with the text tag component, I'll never be able to connect a text tag to a custom preview.

And I have scaling issues that way. Cause I want some of the geometry to be fixed in rhino and change the point and lenghts in grasshopper.

Thank you anyway.








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