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I am using layouts to print "screenshots" set up in Grasshopper to PDF, however I very often get this miniture scaled window of some of the geometry when I print the PDF.

It doesn't appear in the actual layout.

Either I am having a Grasshopper/Rhino Ghost, I am missing something very simple or there is a bug in the "print pdf GH" 

Any experiences or ideas?

Cheers Rasmus

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Can you post files so I can replicate?

Hi David. 

This is a pretty big file with a lot of imports and exports from other files - Dynamo and Excel. 

I might try and make a simplified version if Andrews solution doesn't help me.

I'll get back to you with that. 


Hi again David. 

Andrews nice tip about the filtering in the Custom Preview components doesn't really solve the "ghost". I have tried to make a very crude simplification of my definition, by internalization and by only keeping one of the visual parts that generates the weird result in the PDF printer. I am using Adobe PDF printer.

I don't know if you can use the attached files, otherwise let me know if I can do something else.

Best regards Rasmus

I'll see if I can get it fixed. Thanks for posting a case.

Hi again David. 

I just noticed that the "ghost" might have to do with the same logic of baking when on a layout view. It seems that baking e.g some text while in the layout mode, these are placed where the "ghostlines" appear when printing to PDF. These only seem to exist in the layout mode and not in the "geometry world"/model. So maybe some kind of baking happens through the PDF writer? 

I think I finally fixed this. However there may be corner cases I missed, so please be on the lookout for further problems in this area. Also the only way I could distinguish between viewports I am supposed to draw previews in and viewports that are only to do with layouts is to do a name comparison. So with your example file I have to do a lookup for the name "Columns". If you happen to name layouts the same as viewports inside the layouts it'll get confused.

I'll talk to Steve about how we can make this easier for plugin developers (like me), so maybe we'll come up with a better solution at some point.

In the meantime the fix will go out with the next Rhino WIP release (or maybe the one after the next one)...

Thanks David. 
That sounds great - I am looking forward to trying it in the new release.

Take care.


Hi David.

I just updated to SR11 - and I don't know if the issue is supposed to be solved in this release, but I get the "Ghost". Is there another release I can download somewhere that should have this bug fixed?

Best regards Rasmus

It's not. I doubt there will be another release of GH for Rhino5. The version of Grasshopper that ships with Rhino6 has been fixed, so if you're using the WIP you get new fixes. Also once Rhino6 has been released officially there will be Grasshopper fixes that come with Rhino6 service releases.

Okay - Thanks David.

I will see what happens with Rhino 6 etc. 

I have come across this before. Grasshopper will draw its preview geometry to ALL viewports, including layout viewports, when you print. The only way around it that I know of is to limit your display to specific viewports by using the "Viewport filter" option in a custom preview component (right click and add the name of the viewport in which you want your GH geometry to appear, disable all other previews)

Hi Andrew.

Thanks for the tip - the filter is a nice feature, I've never used that before. 

For me it doesn't really solve it, because I am using a lot of text tags, custom lineweights etc. - these doesn't have the same option, but I quess I could re-arrange everything.

However I still find it weird that even though Grasshopper previews to all viewports, only one viewport is on the layout - in this case the TOP. Even more strange that it previews correct in Rhino, but not in the print dialog.

To be continued...






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