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Hi everyone,

I've been running some solar analysis using ladybug and came across something odd. It seems that the _hour_ input for the ladybug sun path component is off by one. The description for the input says that a value of 12 should equal 12 PM, but it seems to be showing 11 AM instead. I checked this against Diva, in case I had just forgotten how to read a sun path diagram :P  I've attached the sunpath from ladybug and diva, both were set to June 21 at 12 pm. As you can see Ladybug is one hour earlier. Seems to be a bug, and can be dealt with by simply changing the inputs to account for it, but it's misleading that the input says one thing and does another.


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Hi Dennis, Thanks for reporting this. What's the version and date of sunpath component that you're using?

Hi Mostapha,

I'm using version 0.0.64 February 05 2017







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