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Karamba Cross Section Optimization with multiple different Beam Ids


I'm using Karamba for my master thesis project and I've been struggling with one thing: I've separated each kind of beam element with different elemIds in 4 groups (beams, pillars, bracing1, bracing2), and each of this groups should follow a different kind of Cross Section family (HEM for pillars, IPE for beams, RHS for bracing).

Is it possible to run the Optimize Cross Section component for all of them at once, considering all the different cross sections lists and all the elements from all the ElemIds?

I tried connecting the ElemID names as a grafted list and also the CrosSec lists for each "family" (HEA, IPE, RHS, RHS again) as data trees with 4 branches but it doesn't work. It looks like the component optimizes each ElemID without taking into account the optimization/changes of the others.

How can I make it work?

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Hello Adolpho,

you can provide a list of cross sections of different families to the 'CroSecs'-input of the optimizer-component. The same is true for the element identifiers. There is no need for data trees.

In case you want to limit the range of RHS sections of sub-groups of bracings use to the 'Modify CroSec' component to change the family names of some RHS-cross sections to e.g. 'RHS_subgroup1' .








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