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I have been trying to create a membrane simulation in Kangaroo which worked first few times I ran the simulation but then suddenly started to fly away and I can't find the issue what has changed or why it does so..

Has anyone got some tips? I attached the image of the definition.

I will really appreciate some help, thanks :)

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you can use a kangaroo settings component and set timestep to 0.001 (instead of 0.01). this will improve stability but will make the simulation slower.



Hey Alex, 

thanks for your reply,

I tried your suggestion...but it still flies away 

well with just a screenshot, that's all i can think of.

In case you have some time to have a look, I attached also now the rhino and grasshopper files


i believe this is caused by the patch component in the beginning, which makes the final mesh, the one used in simulation, vertices somewhat different than the curves initial points.

So as a good practice try to derive your anchor points from the geometry that is going to the simulation. in this case naked vertices component seems to extract all the initial anchor points you had, but this time points that are part of the mesh, so they can be anchored (same applies if your initial point is part of the mesh, along the simulation you move it, so if you restart the simulation, you need toundo the points moved to go back to their initial position). If you provide a point that is not part of the mesh, then it cannot be anchored.



ps as a sidenote, try also to have your geometry close to the 0,0,0 origin. this will prevent headaches, that are sometimes caused by very far from the origin geometry.


oh, wow, yes, I didn't think of that before!

Thank you so much for helping, I really appreciate that!

haha, yes, my original rhino file has some super large landscape base so I had not payed attention that it is so far away from the origin point. Thanks for pointing that out, moved it now to the origin as well :) 

it works very well :)

great! good luck with your project!






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