algorithmic modeling for Rhino


here are the defenitions for the patterns I have posted. There are elements from other defenitions in it. But basically it works like a attractor file. The main work is to understand the outline concept of the pattern. If you have questions feel free to ask.

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he dedackel,

thank you very much.
that is exemplary.
i'm proud of you. (-:


can you also show a possibility,
to use multiple attractors?


haha, examplary...couldn´t stand the pressure :-)

meine vorfahren waren basarhändler. ha ha

das glaube ich Dir ungesehen :-)

love patterns, thanks for sharing

Thanks for the archives, but inside the .3dm file, there are no objects.

use rhino command -show objects

yes , this was my input analysing the basical idea of "Islamic parquet deformations" I found out, that they all refer to a basicgeometry. taking an attractor gives you the possibility of changing the "contact angle" increasing and decreasing.

I like this page :-)

Best Regards


and there is a discussion about it with some more links, but I cannot find it anymore

please, show me the way best way, to bind more attractors. (:


you use scale as deformation. Use a vector instead and combine it with the added file.

The system behind is quiet easy:

Generated a generell vector:

For example- take a sqaure-grid and create a vector from each square corner to its belonging center.

create an attractor:

the distance between the attractor and the center of each square is the deformation factor. With min and max you define the area of attraction.

combine mutliple attractor:

mass addition makes this possible

Have a look at my example file added to this post it shows how to do it. The blue area is the important part.

I am looking forward to see your defention in this style, good luck and go for it :-)

Best regards








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