algorithmic modeling for Rhino

If you have problems installing, there is instructions outlined here:

If you have problems, please either email me, send me a message through this ning or post to the forum below and I'll be glad to help.

If you're behind the firewall in China and cannot access the downloads, please email me and I will send you a link to a dropbox shared folder. 

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Hi Jon,

I am a student trying to use the BullAnt but when it request the license, it only gives me an error and say the command is unknown.

I went into the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\GeometryGym and I could not located the .xml (yes all the hidden files are showing) i only have an .tb and .rui?

Would you be able to send me the student xml file, even if I cannot find one?

Sorry about that, I hope you can help me!



Hi F,

Can you plesae try installing this very latest build of Bullant, It will use a different folder for the license file if the permissions for all users isn't available.

Else please private message me your email address and I'll assist you with resolving.



Hi Jon,

Thanks! Perfect!

Once installed, the command for the license request works perfectly!

I have sent you an email with the request with the xml file.

Many thanks for the help! I look forward in learning further!


Hi John!

I have been playing around with your amazing ggRhinoSAP to do form finding for cable structures. The thing is that i don't trust the solver of SAP for geometrically non-linear structures (i'm getting pretty different stresses-pretension forces for the specified displacement with other FEA programs such as ADINA), and i wanted to check grasshopper-galapagos with Sofistik. The thing is that i haven't managed to find your ggRhinoSofistik either on your page, or anywhere else. Would be thankful if you could send me a download link.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Orfeas,

Thanks for the post.  I've made the link for the Sofistik plugin visible again on the downloads page.  

Also, note now that all of the plugins have a context menu option to bake to IFC.  You could try creating that file and importing into Sofistik as an alternative way of verifying the model.

Cheers,  Jon

I' m just checking the IFC bake. Didn't know about it.

Thanks a lot Jon! (without the 'n'...) 

Take care

Hi jon,

i am a student from learning Geometry Gym plugins for a while.the plug need a licence ,but i can't find where ggzzlicenserequest's probably because of my poor English or something wrong with my PC,so may i ask you if i can't find the ggzzlicenserequest,is there any way i can get a license.could you help me. 

Thinks a lot

Hi Lin,  

I have sent you a friend request on this site.  If you accept and message me, I will help you with how to activate a license.








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