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I would like to get some particular values form a list in this simplified example number 48. I tried to do so using the Index component, but it doesn´t "understand me"... (It return value of -1, as if there were no "matches" - that´s how it works, says the help menu) What do I do wrong?


Thank for your answers... 


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Read this thread for an explanation of what index item does:


The Component you should be using is  [Find Similar Member] in the Sets Tab > Sets Panel

To put it as succinctly as possible, [List Index] compares memory-addresses whereas [Find Similar Member] compares the actual data regardless of where it's stored in memory.


[List Index] is fairly obscure but may be useful if you need to figure out which items out of an original list you're left with.


The benefit of [List Index] over [Find Similar Member] is that it does not get confused when there are multiple items in a list that have the same value, but not the same memory location and that it works on all data types. [Find Similar Member] only works on data for which I have a good comparison algorithm (numbers, text, points etc, not breps and meshes).



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