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I'm working on simulating cast concrete in fabric that has a smocking pattern. I am currently using pressure to simulate the concrete, but wanted to have a bit more realistic control. I know Kangaroo has hydrostatic pressure, but what is the best way to simulate it using Kangaroo 2? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Annie,

Attached is an example of a hydrostatic pressure goal in Kangaroo2.

It calculates the pressure, then applies a multiplier based on the depth below the fluid surface height.

Here I've shown it used to model buoyancy, with an inflated ball floating on water, so I've flipped the normals, to make the water pressure push inwards. If the fluid is on the inside though you wouldn't need to do this flip.

Like pressure, the input needs to be a triangulated mesh.


This really helped thank you! I'm playing a bit calibrating the model - how does one find the actual K multiplier value other than the my current method of eyeballing it? 






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