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Last time I had a blast understanding how to work with Human UI properly. However, the difficulty arises as my algorithmic work gets intense. My major problem is always about 'what' to connect to the 'Mesh part' of the 'Create 3D View' component. Sometimes my lucky guess turns out right but sometimes it doesn't, which leaves some problems affecting how UI works properly. For example, when I tried to build a parametric furniture with more than 9 design drivers I ended up being confused about what to be plugged for the mesh for the 'Create 3D View' component. (And often the control window freezes as I try to adjust some parameters on the window. I assume this is due to some internal error caused by my misprogrammed definition.) However, I know what to connect to the mesh for the 'Set 3D View' component. Anyhow, I'm looking for some error identification so if you are fluent in using Human UI please give me a sign. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


P.S. And just for the record, Andrew Heumann is definitely the best person to go to if you also happen to have problems working with Human UI. Thank you Andrew for your early help if you are reading this.

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Never mind. I just figured it out by myself. Thanks for reading though.

What was the solution if you don´t mind to share?

Glad you figured it out. And in the future, if you post to the Human UI group, you'll have a better chance of getting a quick reply (I and others get notifications when things are posted there - but not if they are posted to this part of the forum). 

I had kind of the same issue and I discover (naively, like Cristobal Colón) that the render show in HUMAN UI window is a HI-Res Mesh. I solve part of this problem reconfiguring the way mesh constructs before the information enters to HUMAN UI element collector. I´m newbe in HUMAN UI but I hope that this can help you.






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