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HELP!!! Grasshopper file won't open with deadline in 3 days!!

Hi all,

I try to open my file with more than a days worth of work that has changed from my previous backup file and this message appears "Target_name cannot be resolved." I assume this means that grasshopper thinks I changed my file name and can't reference it on my computer. But this is not the case so I was wondering if anyone knew of a workaround for this issue. My grasshopper file is attached in case anyone can open it, resave it and repost it on this blog?

Any help would be much appreciated so I don't have to redo all my work.

Thanks a lot,


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Well I couldn't figure it out so I just redid everything. Fortunately doing it the second time around, I was able to get to the same point in a matter of hours. So this is no longer a pressing matter.

However, I am still wondering if anybody has a solution for this in case it happens again? Thanks.

The file is definitely corrupt. It won't open at all. Since the GH format is compressed, any damage to a file means it becomes unreadable. There's a lot of safe-guards in the Grasshopper IO code to prevent crashes from ruining files (the document is first written to a type-safe database in memory, this data-base is then written to a temporary file on the disk and only when all that happens without errors is the original file swapped with the temporary one).

The most common file corruption (though even that is rare) is either because of a failed download or because a USB stick was removed before the ultimate file could be completely written. Could either of those be the case here?


David Rutten

Tirol, Austria

Hi David, that's what I figured was the case. No, both of your options was not the case. Everything saved normal and I wasn't using a USB device with the file. I just put my computer to sleep for the night after closing grasshopper and rhino and in the morning, the file wouldn't open. Oh well, this is the only instance I've had of this happening so hopefully it won't happen again.







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