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Hello, everyone!

I have problems getting the analysis from GSA for the GH defintion made with the help of Geometry Gym plugin. My model is analysed without any errors in GH and displays the results for Axial force, shear force, and bending moment on Rhino.

However, it fails to be  analysed on GSA itself. On GSA it shows the geometry and loading (point loads are 6kN, but it shows as 5000 N/, but it shows zero reaction forces and zero internal forces.

I tried it both on my laptop and PC. The versions on my laptop are the latest for all Rhino, Grasshopper, Geometry Gym, and GSA.

The GH definition is attached below.

Any thoughts?

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Hi, Why you do not use Millipede to do analysis in GH. This simplify everything.

Hi Marzhan,

Thanks for posting.  Can you provide some further information?  What does GSA report as it solves.  Below is what I see for the attached resulting model.

It sounds odd, if the results are returned to GSA, it is solving.  You might have to reset result scales using the GSA button.  



Checking Input Data - this may take some time.


Data checks commenced at 23/08/2017 4:59:18 PM.

Checking input data for static analysis by GSS.

Shortest element (element 9) is 5 m long.
Longest element (element 1) is 6 m long.

Data checks completed at 23/08/2017 4:59:18 PM.
No errors or warnings found.

Analysis commenced at 23/08/2017 4:59:18 PM.

Analysis by Gss
Static analysis

Initialising results modules
Solving for displacements
Solution statistics
Sparse Parallel Direct
12 active nodes
14 active elements
2 analysis cases
24 degrees of freedom
Minimum degree ordering
90 terms in stiffness matrix
Maximum stiffness is 4.804e+009 at node 4 in direction z
Minimum stiffness is 3.132e+008 at node 2 in direction yy
Condition number of the stiffness matrix is ~ 5328.
Maximum relative error in displacements will be 2.4e-10 percent.
Factorization in 109 ms
Solving for element forces and reactions
Calculation complete
Analysis completed with no errors

Analysis completed at 23/08/2017 4:59:18 PM.
Analysis time: 0.172 seconds







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