algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Over the last year it has been great to see an increasing number of people start to script their own custom goals for Kangaroo2.

To help with this I have just open sourced most of the code for the actual goals that are included as components in the Kangaroo2 plugin.

Hopefully seeing how the existing ones work will be useful to some of you as a starting point for customizing or extending them. It may also be useful when trying to understand how certain goals behave to be able to look inside.

You can find the repository here:

Please do ask here any questions you may have about how these work.

The commenting is currently fairly minimal, but I'll try and improve that.

You may notice that some of these goals  inherit from a class called GoalObject, while some of the older ones directly implement an interface called IGoal.

GoalObject is a helper class which saves you from having to implement all the methods in the IGoal interface, and it is recommended to use GoalObject when creating your own.

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Hi Daniel,

I was wrong in my previous message (the one I deleted)

Again thanks a lot for your help !

The reset button is really helpfull. It is working perfectly fine (I misunderstood it the other day)






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