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We have been debugging the finches Import SHP Component. Now the components can also import dbf files with non-ASCII characters.

Let me know if there are any other bugs. This helps us debug the components.

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Hi Scott,

The problem is that the Rhino.Geometry.Point3d class doesn't take any user strings. We use the user strings to give every piece of geometry GIS attributes. I made a temporary fix for the component. It will import the points into GH, but you will not be able to read their GIS attributes (which is what the GH shp importer does anyways!). 

To get the GIS attributes for points I will have to rewrite the way we are outputting points, or wait to see if they add an addUsedrStrings method to the Point3d class (which might take too long). I'll work on it and upload the fix soon.

For now, use the attached file to read Point geometries without GIS attributes. I have tested the Finches components on a gh 9.0056 install, and they work. Can you send me some extra information about the errors you get on that version so I can debug it?



Fantastic.  this seems to work for the most part, but another error I am running into is that there seems to be a corrupted/missing point in the shape file.  It is still returning the valid points, but one is missing.  In the "out" node of the component, it is returning an error message of some kind, but when I plug it in to the panel component to read and copy the error, the panel component encounters an error and can't display the message.

I was hoping to be able to read in the corresponding .dbf file alongside the shape file via excel to match the data to the points, but because the corrupted point is omitted from the list and there is no indication of what index that point is supposed to be at, I can't accurately match up my data.

Hi Scott,

I'm not getting any errors. Are you using the same shp file you mentioned before?

The panel was giving you an error because it was trying to display all the points as a single string. I disabled the print statement in the attached file, so you can plug panels into the 'out' output.


Don't know if I'm getting an error because of the file type or because of its size, but have been having problems with this shape file

I need more information about your error. My guess is that your computer is running out of memory because of the shp file size. Try cropping it with ArcMap.

I'll give the ArcMap a try and see if that's the issue.

It doesn't seem to be a problem with how large the shp file is. Try setting move to center to False. Hopefully if you trim or crop the shp file to the area you're working on with ArcMap, you can get rid of the geometry causing the issue. I'll try to look at the problem with your shp file in the next days.

Would this work for multipatch?


I have a shp file with 3d-buildings, and I don't have access to arcgis. I have been struggling to find a way to bring it into GH.

It should work for multipatch (as long as you have a valid shp file). The Z-height of the buildings will be and attribute of the shp file that you can use to extrude the buildings.

Uhm. Perhaps it is not a true multipatch. 

This is the file I am trying to get imported:

It is a shp file, and it can be imported with the components (It might be slow or crash your computer, since you are trying to import a 500+ mb file). However there's no Z value field (only size).

You might wanna think about cropping your shp file to the area you need, otherwise it will take too long to import. You don't need ArcGIS to manipulate shp files. There's free and opensource software like QGIS...

Post information about the problem you are having, (maybe a screenshot?) otherwise I can't help you.

Great help! thanks :)






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