algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hallo, Andrew!

Thank you for your original work!

My name is Michael, I’m from Russia, I’m a digital painter.

Your plug-in Doodlebug was an amazing discovery for me. To draw original geometry with the help of a parametric function and bake it to Illustrator in real time – it’s a very powerful tool for my work. Then I export Illustrator objects to Photoshop and rasterize them.

My workflow: GH-curves – Illustrator Paths – Photoshop Raster. Unfortunately it's not very fast.. I now about your Shutterbug, which has a direct connection GH-Photoshop, but it has fewer components, than Doodlebug. And for a long time I’m in the modest hope about evolution of Shutterbug J

And on your site I noticed Shutterbug image with many components! I could not believe my eyes ))) It's so interesting for me, but I could not find source of this version. Is it possible?


With thanks, Michael.


P.S. I hope you understand my English )

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