algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Download the plug-in here:

Remember to right click the GHA and the DLL, go to properties, and select "unblock."


An example file setup:

Sketchfab Upload

You will need to set up an account on and get your own API token to complete the example definition (or to upload anything else to sketchfab.)

Please send your thoughts, issues, feedback, and suggestions!

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seems to be a nice tool at the first glance!  

Does somebody tested if it works also with 0.9.0014 gh build?

Its Really Brilliant Plugin Thanks Andrew

Hello Andrew,

I try to run the plug-in but keep getting an error

1. Something went wrong with the file upload. Check your network connection.

I have admin privileges from the computer I am running GH so there nothing blocking the network.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot


Hi Dimitrios,

I have the same problem. Have you figured out how to solve it?

Dear Andrew, thanks for the amazing Sketchfab Uploader!

The example file attached here contains a mesh with about 50K faces and their respective color which is the visualization of noise exposure level simulation results imported from other software.

1. if I bake this mesh with color into Rhino, export it as obj file together with mtl material definition, upload them to Sketchfab, the process is very quick. However, the geometry will loss all the color although the mtl file is uploaded together with the obj file in one single zip file:

2. To use your upload, i have to break this single mesh into individual mesh surfaces so that I can assign the color information to each of them as you mentioned in your demo video.However, it will take very long time to export all the 50K meshes... I have to force to terminate Rhino...

3. Neverthelss, I still manage to use your uploader to upload part of the meshes in smaller quantity and in relatively reasonable time (10K mesh, 5 minutes):

4. So, may I ask why the mesh object with color baked into Rhino is not able to be imported into Sketchfab with the color information intact?

5. How to speed up the upload process for large amount of individual mesh surfaces?

Hope you can kindly advise!

Thank you very much!

- Ji


... I noticed that the color information for each mesh surface is not been written out when export the baked mesh in Rhino as obj file:

... whereas in the temp file generated using your uploader, the color information is correctly written out into the mtl file:

May I ask how do you retrieve the color information for each mesh surface and write it out in such a format?


Hello, when I set my Boolean toggle as true.. nothing happens. How is my model supposed to upload? What am I missing?


you are my hero!!!






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